Fun with the Sun

Know what these are?

Ohio is notorious for gloomy winter days. Not much sun to boast about. Dan and Betty even moved to New Mexico because they have so MUCH MORE sun, year round! One delight of living in a new house is discovering where the sun and moonbeams enter at different times of year. When we do have sunny days it is great fun to capture and play with the beams.

On that note, Bob ordered us two kinds of prisms right around Christmas. One had two spheres with cut patterns on them. Amazon describes them as: “Clear Glass Crystal Ball Prism Pendant Suncatcher 40mm Pack of 2.” The other is a Sumnacon Photography Prism Crystal Glass Triangular Prism Full Rainbow Color Spectrum Best for Photography (6″).

Oh my we are having fun with these! This morning Bob reported a 6 foot rainbow on the floor of the great room. Here is our bedroom a bit later in the morning. Ignore the laundry basket, shoes, paint chips and electronic chargers. Just enjoy the play of the moving prism!

Oh! What a beautiful day!

You made the moon to mark the seasons, and the sun knows when to set.

Psalm 104:19

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