Advent 4 and Been Messing Around

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We have briefly looked at Joy, Hope, Peace and now the theme of Love.This is the fourth and final week of Advent and the traditional theme is Love. Evidently some churches call this the Angel candle, representing purity and making reference to the angels proclaiming the birth of Christ to the shepherds. Sounds to me like trying to get EVERYTHING into the wreath and five candles? Hope Bolinger writing for says:

We can assuredly know that virtues such as love, hope, peace, joy, and faith are important in the Christmas story as well as in our daily walk with Christ. Whichever we celebrate on whatever Sunday of Advent, we know all of them are important hallmarks of the Christian faith and journey.

Love, as stated in this article, plays a vital role in the Christmas story. Because of Joseph’s love for Mary, he didn’t stone her when he found out she was pregnant with what he thought was a child out of wedlock with another man (Matthew 1:18-19). Mary has a natural motherly love for Jesus, and ultimately, we see God’s love for everyone by sending his son for us (John 3:16). 

Jesus focused on preaching love throughout his ministry. Two of his greatest commands involve love: Love God, love your neighbor (Matthew 22:36-40). 

Love is the greatest of all the virtues on the Advent wreath and encompasses Jesus’ entire purpose for being on earth (1 Corinthians 13:13).

How can we overstate love? I do not think that is possible. It is important to understand the unconditional, holy love that Jesus and the Father teach us in the word. Those of us who do begin to understand that sort of love strain to practice it. The Holy Spirit really needs to bring it to fruition in our lives. Of ourselves, we cannot do it.

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