Nature Humor

“So if I stretch out here in the sun, do you think I will be noticed?”

“Does this hydrangea make me look fat?, Really now, be honest!”

Walking at the lake on Prairie trail, first I noticed a hairy stem.

Glanced up and ! Wait! That is not a stem!!

Almost missed this sunbathing caterpillar!

Our first walk on Prairie Trail at the lake. Not paved, by grassy, fairly level and mowed. Our first autumn day with jackets. Bob in shorts and fleece jacket. Lucky leading the exploration, of course!

The prairie trail will be more fun in spring when we are hoping to discover wildflowers there. It is nice to find new places for an easy walk. We wished later we had done two laps or taken the side path to see where it went.

Keep your eyes open for those treasures in plain sight.

2 thoughts on “Nature Humor

  1. Molly, thank you for the fun and beautiful pictures. Bob leading the way on your walk with the shadow of you taking the picture is a classic. I appreciate the gift of your picture taking along with encouraging writings.


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