Strange Book

I just finished a strange book. Evidently in 2008 it was made into a movie. The title is Blindness by Josè Saramago. He won the 1998 Nobel Prize for Literature from this publication. I saw it on a “must read” list and bought it used from Abe Books (my favorite source for used books!).

It was haunting and written with very, very little punctuation. I told Bob it was like St. Paul with his run on sentences. In light of the Corona Virus Pandemic it was relatable. One person goes suddenly blind and then another and another until there is a pandemic. The text was translated from the Portuguese. It was worth my time. I kept wondering where the story was going and then found I could not put the book down. Blew through it in a couple of days.

The Library Journal says “Beautifully written in a concise, haunting prose … this unsettling, highly original work is essential reading.”

No, it was not a Christian publication. I often venture into other areas to broaden my views. You might want to check your library for it.

Having told you about my fear of one of us dying from Covid before we get to the new house, thought I’d share this quote with you. Here is a small portion towards the end of the book:

“I think we are all going to die, it’s just a matter of time, dying has always been a matter of time said the doctor, But to die just because you’re blind, there can be no worse way of dying. We die of blindness and cancer, of blindness and tuberculosis, of blindness and AIDS, of blindness and heart attacks, illnesses may differ from one person to another but what is really killing us now is blindness. We are not immortal, we cannot escape death, but at least we should not be blind, said the doctor’s wife, How, if this blindness is concrete and real, said the doctor, I am not sure, said the wife, Nor I, said the girl with the dark glasses.”

Evidently he went on to write Seeing and at least 10 other publications.

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