Things I Have Written

Came across some things I do not think I have published in this blog previously. So the next few days I will be sending out some “oldies, but goodies.”

Eleven Fifty-three Post Meridiem © 1985 Molly Lin Dutina

 Night time and the Unresolved
 Come marching to my bedroom
 Tramping through my head
 Hurling accusations
 Quoting words once said
 Reason takes a low profile
 While logic flees the scene
 Where is the solution 
 For circumstances now turned mean
 Never, shoulds, and woulds
 Paint dismal, hopeless scenes
 Understanding vanishes
 Deep each insult bleed.
 Forgiveness is the answer
 That makes the war to cease
 Let it go.    Let go.    Release.
 Present moment calls to me
 Be NowHere in God's sweet peace
 A song can be resung
 The past can't be undone
 But pouring in forgiveness
 The fall-out is made numb
 Come to here and now
 Feast on today's plenty
 In gratitude for all
 Dare to now drink deeply 
 From streams of joy and love 
 We are granted 
 Only to 
 "Live our lives by moments"
 Aren't we now?

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