Home with Lucky

She had such luxury accommodations while we traveled that I was uncertain she would want to live with us again! Lucky has the red collar.

She has settled in again and still loves Bob the best. She has gotten ornery about being in her kennel. Learned how to open it with just the slide latch on it. Bob put a carabiner clip on it. One day she got aggravated and broke that off before we got home. Stronger one on there now. We want her to continue to use it when we need her confined, like when the satellite TV guy comes.

My friend Betty introduced me to this dogie treat.

Doggie “Ice Cream” Cups

1 ripe banana
2 tsp creamy peanut butter
2 tsp honey
Large (32 oz) container of plain yogurt (Greek or reg.)

Mash banana; add honey & peanut butter; mix well then add yogurt.  I put into small plastic cups – usually 6 or 7 cups.  Freeze. 

I finally found some plastic cups like Betty uses. I got about 10 portions out of the recipe today. If you really love your pup like a kid, well, of course, you have to let her lick the beaters!

6 thoughts on “Home with Lucky

  1. I love that last shot, Molly. When I was growing up, there was always a fight over who got to lick the beaters. We would also encourage my Mom not to use the rubber spatula when scraping the bowl. It worked too well and did not leave much to lick from the bowl–we were much happier if she used the wooden spoon. 🙂

  2. Jessie is so much bigger than Lucky. It’s smart to freeze in smaller portions than I do. It takes Jess about the same amount of time to finish licking it as it does for us to eat a bowl of ice cream ourselves.

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