Red Winged Blackbird

A couple years ago one of the fast food restaurants had an ad on TV that reminded me of a bird who does not winter here, but had returned about the time of Lent. Their jingle was to advertise a fish sandwich and to me sounded like the bird’s song. When I tried to mimic the birdsong at the Cincinnati Nature Center the Naturalist looked at me very quizzically. As if she wondering what in the world I imagined! How many classical composers were inspired by nature sounds?

I have two mP3 players (don’t ask! it’s a long story). I use those players to listen to music or Scripture or radio when I take my walks without Bob. Recently I was walking and Verdi Without Words came on the player. Then I heard a bird over and throughout the song. My first thought was “Quite a bird!” My second thought was “What is that?” I am very familiar with the conk-a-ree type of song the male makes. This one had another piercing song that I could hear even with La Traviata playing. I found that other sound on the Cornell birding website, but could not link the recording here. If you go to that site I was listening to the second and third recording they list. (Just a few seconds each.)

Without further ado, try this typical song out for size!

And imagine hearing it along with this music!! Actually if you click on the bird and then the music, I was able to listen to them simultaneously!!

Makes me smile!!

2 thoughts on “Red Winged Blackbird

  1. I took your suggestion and played them both at the same time–what fun. Most of the times when I have heard male Red-winged Blackbirds they have sounded more harsh and grating. With the musical accompaniment, they sound much more pleasant. 🙂

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