The Lilac and the Cruet of Oil

In 1 Kings 17:8 The LORD told Elijah to go to Zarephath in Sidon. There he found a widow who was down to her last measure of flour and oil. The LORD told Elijah that the woman would supply him with food. And the supplies did not run out!

In our yard we have one lilac shrub. Several years ago it was getting way too tall. My son thinned it, but it was still too tall for my liking. So two years ago I cut at it to lower it to a height where I could reach to cut the flowers in spring. Bob was not certain it would ever bloom again after I took hold of the shears!

A few days ago the flowers were out and the overnight temperature dropped to 28 degrees Fahrenheit. In the early morning the leaves were limp. I worried about the survival of those blooms. I had invited friends to come cut lilacs for their cheer. I, too, had been bringing in branches to cheer our table.

The Lilac this week

Later in the day a friend came and picked bunches. I wondered how many more days we might have lilac flowers Several times I have mentioned to Bob that it seems the LORD’S hand has been upon that shrub this year. Just like the cruet of oil in 1 Kings, it continues and has not yet run out of blooms!

We cut, it blooms. We cut some more, it continues to bloom. I am waiting for the Bachelor Buttons and Columbine to open in abundance for bouquets. Until then, I trust that shrub will continue to bless us and others who may want the sweet flowers to take home for cheer.

Volunteers from last year about to bloom!

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