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My, Oh My!!

When I first planted Poppies on Danny Drive we needed a new roof. The roofer accidentally planted his ladder right on top of the plant. That was the death of that poppy. Last year I planted three starts or whatever you call young plants. Two made it through the winter. Look at part of the poppy yield!

At first only buds …
Looks like teeth on that bud and deep purple columbine in the background.
As this one sheds the bud covering, in a nod to Lawrence, a-one
And a-two,
And a-three!
When all this finishes, there ought to be a sequence of about 12!

These remind me of the paper flowers the kids used to make in grade school!

Cut they last a few days in the house, but one got too hot in our car yesterday and was baked and wilted by the time we delivered it to our daughter. ;-( Maybe I will try to take her another one this week before they are gone!

By Molly Lin Dutina

50 YEARS as wife to Robert! Still deeply loving that man!! He is often responsible for the photos I post. I try to always give him credit!

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