My, Oh My!!

When I first planted Poppies on Danny Drive we needed a new roof. The roofer accidentally planted his ladder right on top of the plant. That was the death of that poppy. Last year I planted three starts or whatever you call young plants. Two made it through the winter. Look at part of the poppy yield!

At first only buds …
Looks like teeth on that bud and deep purple columbine in the background.
As this one sheds the bud covering, in a nod to Lawrence, a-one
And a-two,
And a-three!
When all this finishes, there ought to be a sequence of about 12!

These remind me of the paper flowers the kids used to make in grade school!

Cut they last a few days in the house, but one got too hot in our car yesterday and was baked and wilted by the time we delivered it to our daughter. ;-( Maybe I will try to take her another one this week before they are gone!

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