Spring Garden

While we were traveling the daffodils all continued to bloom out and finished before we returned home. The purple columbine had begun before we left. They are in full swing now! I am writing this May 7, 2019 (more photos will follow in days to come).

Even with fence, rabbits had chopped tulip leaf salad while we were gone!

Columbine with White Dutch Iris and rosebud in back

I was excited to see poppies I planted last year finally coming to life! I’ve been watching 3 Buds from my office window.

And then on closer inspection this morning, NINE buds! I can’t wait for these ;-D

You are likely tired of my garden tour. Suffice it to say the monarch caterpillars will have an abundant crop of milkweed to chomp on this summer. The oregano wants harvesting. The phlox is almost full blown. The purple iris (or as Mom would call them ‘Flags’) will open this week.

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