We were out shopping recently and a few of the houses had built snowmen from the recent snowstorm of 6 inches here. One across the street from my daughter’s house was sporting a red hat. I only saw it from the rearview mirror. It looked like a red beverage cup?

In another neighborhood there was another snowman sporting a red hat that resembled a red beverage cup. Must be the new style?

Sadly, I did not get a photo. Maybe tomorrow I can send my in-house photographer out to get one?!

My daughter said they likely got the hat from a snowman kit. Hmm…

Grammy learns something new most every day!!

Turns out the first hat was a baseball-type ap as captured by my in-house photographer!

Searching for the photo of the Snowman Kit I also found a pattern to knit a snowman hat! Yikes! Do people really and truly have that much time on their hands when the homeless in the streets need warm hats and scarves? All a matter of priorities I suppose!

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