Chankanaab is a National park in Cozumel, Mexico. We visited there many years ago for our wedding anniversary. For a first time snorkeler it was a dream come true! I laughed so hard (because I was having so much fun) that I repeatedly blew my mask off and had to rise to the water surface to put it back on!

The edge of the water used to have steps cut into the coral so you could just sit and watch the many colored tiny fish or go in gradually from that point. The water is so salty that you are made naturally buoyant. This is a gift to those of us who are not strong swimmers as the salinity makes it hard to sink below the surface.

Then Bob pointed out to me that there was a dock out in the water that we could swim to. If I got tired, I could get on that little perch and rest before we swam back. Little did I know that submerged in the water was a statue of Christ looking up at us with His arms open towards us. I was delighted.

Lord of the wind and waves , spoken of in Matthew 8:27 and Mark 4:31, honored in this lovely place of salinity and fish. Bless the ones who put the statue there, Lord. Thank you for the gifts of seas and fish, buoyancy and sight!

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