Writing and Meditation

November 14 journal entry: All shall be well – ALL MANNER OF THINGS shall be well. Meditation music from the Insight Timer app ( is entitled “Floating.” Very useful for centering. The sound of  the kitchen toaster is grounding me in the here and now. 

Writing is not silence, but like doing a soldier crawl towards silence. 

Shedding cares along the crawl. Forearms scraped but dragging me along.

I will drop distractions and invite You to enter deeper Lord, into my mouth and pen and mind – enter dwell ABIDE

WELL! I hit the wrong button in new editor and WHAM! it posted.

By Molly Lin Dutina

50 YEARS as wife to Robert! Still deeply loving that man!! He is often responsible for the photos I post. I try to always give him credit!

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