It is SO difficult to capture a photo of falling leaves! There is one upper left!

The drama of autumn has been happening very rapidly here. Just thought I’d share the changes.

Loved waking up to this flaming tree in the distance!

Same trees less than one week later!

This morning some leaves were falling one by one. Then a gust of wind took bunches at a time. The back hill is mostly naked tree trunks now. We can see more activity with the birds who remain. The grandeur of watching the seasons change that hill is one reason I delight in this house. Our lot is pie shaped and the back hill is just natural woods. It is as if we have a different backyard four times a year!



Is upon us! On the way to church Sunday we noticed five times that we passed through areas of falling leaves. The back yard of usually deep green maples are starting to show signs of yellow and orange tinges.

And of course, there is the nasty stink bug, just waiting to figure out a way into the house. Yuck!