Unique Scent and Majestic Scene

Distinct fragrance that Yankee Candle will never capture – crisp autumn leaves in my backyard. Something between hay, warm straw. No cinnamon, clove or ginger in it.

This time of year they advertise “Autumn Leaves” as a favorite, but I cannot say it hits my nose correctly!

Almost every leaf out back has fallen or been blown off. The squirrel nest that was being built earlier in September was revisited today but what looked like a mother and baby squirrel. I realize now (silly human) that the leaves she was cutting and stuffing in the poison ivy vines high up in the tree were the first layer of the nest. Where would she get that layer after the leaves had fallen?!? I will keep watching to try and observe if they actually move into that location as they weather cools. This morning it is 60 degrees. Overnight low was only 56. This is end of October?

Was amazed to see a huge hawk the other morning, largest I have ever seen while living here. Perched in a distant tree but still SO LARGE to my eye!

And this photo from Audubon

Gotta love those yellow lips!!

I could not see this detail with my new binoculars, but I also could not capture a good photo without a telephoto lens. Even with one, it might have been too far away. I could see how huge the beak was. The underbelly was totally white at that distance.

I saw it and at first thought, “I cannot go get the binoculars as it will fly away.” Then I got them anyway and it stayed. As I watched I wished Bob was at home to see it with me. When it did fly off I put my hand over my heart and thanked the Lord I got to see such majesty. Went on with kitchen chores, looked up, and it was back!! This happened a second time. Such a blessed morning!

Does the hawk take flight by your wisdom
    and spread its wings toward the south?

Job 29:36

Late October©Molly Lin Dutina 22-10-29 

This morning the sun graces remaining leaves
Barren trees now have a glow on their trunk
Knowing there are gloomy days ahead
I want to store up this sunshine in my heart
Perhaps like manna, that is not possible?

The gardeners think they have repaired
Water pooling in our yard
Unless the drought breaks
We will not know 
If drainage is corrected

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