We Went on A Little Vacation

I am aware this is posting on September 11. We have been watching the National Geographic documentary about the planes destroying the Twin Towers in New York, the attempts at the Pentagon and the White House. I am deeply disturbed watching this and have no words for it right now.

Our friends Dan and Betty visit their son in Mt. Vernon, Ohio and stay at the Mt. Vernon Inn. For years they have told us how much they enjoy that place and delight in the breakfast and also evening treats there. https://www.themountvernoninnohio.com/

Recently Bob asked me if I would like to get out of town for a night or two. I said sure! Of course, now that we decided to take a break from the house the deck is going to be installed and the developers are finally digging a ditch in our backyard to promote drainage. (“First world problems!”) Oh well, there is always something to interfere with good plans!

We hired our oldest Grandgirl to come house sit and dog sit with Lucky. I am writing rather frantically to get these posts ready as we pack for our time away. We hope to visit some Amish shops on our drive to Dover and local shops in Mt. Vernon.

When I return I hope to have new photos and experiences to share with you next week! We will also go to Warther Knives to have our knives sharpened and perhaps purchase a new one. https://warthercutlery.com/

By the way, by the time you read this we will be back home so no safety issues with reporting this event!

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