Locally Sourced Locally Made

My husband reads the newspaper daily. He finds all sorts of things in Cincinnati to do and see and taste! A few months ago he read about a local cheese company. We tried several times to visit and never seemed to arrive there at times or days they were open. We recently made a concerted effort and were able taste and enjoy!

Urban Stead Cheese company is located on Woodburn Avenue in Cincinnati. We had seen their truck traveling to Highland County to get fresh milk for their endeavors.

For details about obtaining the milk, testing and transporting it see https://www.urbansteadcheese.com/

Here is a photo similar to the charcuterie board we ordered, though ours was smaller. Wish I had taken a photo. Frankly, we were so pleased by it’s appearance that neither one of us thought to snap a photo! We simply began tasting and savoring.

In urban lingo street cred means credibility, reputation, acceptance and respect. Urban Stead has made their logo “Street Ched” to emphasize their production of Cheddar cheese.

One of the most unusual things for me was their “Quark.” This is a German type of cream cheese.

Another logo is “Cheddar for the better.” It was not an inexpensive date, but so tasty! And yes, we bought some cheese to take home.

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