The House

Got an email about meeting with Ryan on May 7 for education about how to run our home equipment. This is getting more and more real.

I told Bob on April 9 that I am now ready to UNPACK. We had a thunderstorm that terrified the Lucky dog. My sister had given me dog sedative drops and treats. Of course, I had packed them instead of thinking to keep them with the dog food, poop bags, dog treats, etc. So next morning I was searching for the box marked kitchen junk drawer. Finally found it and sure enough, there were the dog drugs (all natural mind you).

Closing is still holding at May 7! Here are some photos of doors, woodwork and cabinets. The next day we got electricity, too.

Front door and coat closet.
One (of two) office window and closet doors.
Partial installation of kitchen cabinets and open pantry door.
Master bath sinks. Still waiting on installation of correct shower.

We are still packing. Our son will help me lift some of the perennials and the rose bush this weekend. Whew!

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