Intercession © Molly Lin Dutina 1982

 Please hold my hand
 and go with me
 to the Throne of Grace.
 I need, I hurt, I ache
 seems all that I can say.
 Please use your objectivity
 to plead for me my case.
 He has, He knows, He heals
 come with me to that place.
 And as His Spirit takes us
 to the very heart of God
 we’ll return with rejoicing
 that He knows
 and is moved to help us obey. 

One of my sweetest moments was when a friend embroidered this poem for me and framed it. I have kept it to this day.

Please pray for Mindy who remains very ill. Unless her liver “pinks up” she will need a transplant. She has had multiple surgeries this past year. Hospitalized eleven times I think? Married, age 45 and mother of two young girls.

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