Organizer Cells

Berkeley Lab Study Image from Mark LaBarge
Organizer Cells  © 1996 by Molly Lin Dutina

 Standing in the summer moonlight
 Evening breeze cools fevered limbs
 Wondering the next stage of my journey
 As You lead, my obedience takes me where?
 Sense the shift in volunteer focus
 Sense the workplace soon to change
 Organizer cells in motion
 Metamorphosis soup enfolds.
 Love me into Your abandon
 Given wholly to Your ways
 Connected past, Contented present, 
 Future hopeful through holy Grace.
 Standing in the summer moonlight
 Frog-cicada-cricket songs
 Urge my soul to sing of ecstasies
 You have given, yet to come.
 Open wide my timid heart 
 Sheer relinquishment to Fidelity.  

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