After the Falls, the Fall

We were having a delightful time! We all had breakfast in our cabins. The “Minor” house is really the major house. It has the largest dining table, best equipped kitchen and easily room for all 8 of us to eat lunch and dinner together. Cooking was on a rotational basis and as mom used to say we had “food for an army.”

When we tried to hike to Piedra Falls we turned back because the trail was so muddy and downhill. We decided amongst ourselves that discretion was the better part of valor.

We returned and were doing really well until a patch of loose gravely stones caught Betty’s right foot. She went down and cried out. She thought it was a bad sprain, even though her foot had almost touched her shin when she landed. We let her rest for a minute on the trail. Dan and Bob got her upright to see if she thought she could walk/hobble. I took Jessie’s leash while they took Betty’s arms, guarding her side by side. I thanked goodness we were really close to the end of the trail. Would have been so much worse had we been further from transportation!

We drove her back to their cabin in the “Mule.” Dan got her situated on the sofa with ice and medication and elevation. He came to the Minor house to get lunch foods to take back. Dan went to the wood shed and found a stick to help her walk. We made certain they had dinner and stopped by afterwards to be sure she was okay. She looked as if she was in considerable pain.

Next morning the Cookseys decided to head back to Albuquerque and get her checked out at their usual medical clinic. The bad news was Betty actually broke her tibia at the ankle. Ouch!! Yes, she needed medical attention!

Here she is waiting on the porch and saying good-bye while we loaded their car.

Like I have said we were more like the “Honeymooners” TV show, even though we stayed in the “Honeymoon” cabin.” Do you remember the song from 1963 about a kid who went to camp? Our bodily welfare turned out to be like some of the kids at Camp Granada.

Since theirs was the nicest cabin with good wifi, I proceeded to wash the sheets. Bob and I packed our things, left the obvious mice behind, and moved to the “Dot,” which had less obvious mice. As my sister told us, those mice live there year round. We just visit occasionally and set traps when they get inside!

3 thoughts on “After the Falls, the Fall

  1. Yes, I had a wonderful two days. The ranch is absolutely beautiful and we are really glad to have been there. We did get to do some walking along the river (can’t remember the name) and riding around in the mule as well as going on the hike. The ranch was the first place Jessie had ever gotten to go to where she could be totally off leash. She was in heaven.


  2. So sad to hear of Betty’s injury. I worry a little about twisting my ankle during some of my more remote ventures into the wild. I definitely remember the song Camp Granada–songs like that one and the jingles in the old commercials seem to have remained stuck in my brain and I forget other, more important things.


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