Years ago my friend, Marsha, gave us some Obedient Plant. She did not like it because it was not obedient enough for her! This year it is a wonder! Click to watch the video please. It runs just about one minute. I will get better at adding music to Videoshop!

Enough said, unless you want to research the topic. Then type in bumblebee to your search engine.


  1. That was really cool to watch, Molly. I have never done any work with video, so I am impressed when others do so. The music was fun too. Is Videoshop an app that you use on your phone?


  2. This made me smile from ear to ear! I watched the video several times on the full screen mode for two reasons : 1) I love Bumblebees! 2) I love the music! My neighbor has a variant of this Obedient plant called “Summer Snow” which is beautiful and is a great pollinator plant. Obedient though, it is not…as it spreads aggressively if not kept in check. Her gardener does keep it from overtaking the area where it grows, but it has spread beyond the garden anyway. I will save this for Benjamin, another Bumblebee lover. Thank-you for creating and sharing this lovely video!


  3. I had that and finally eradicated it. It is not obedient as it is invasive and doesn’t remain upright (perhaps bowing?). The flowers are beautiful.


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