Stompin’ Deer

Lucky and I were taking an evening walk when we came upon a doe and her fawn. The spots of the fawn were almost gone. We stopped to watch them. The doe was unafraid of our presence. I was not certain if the dog would bark or try to chase them. As you can see in short video below, she watched along with me!

According to “A deer is sending a message when it is stomping the ground. The message reads, “I don’t know what you are or what you are up to, but I do not like it. Move on!” In short, a deer stomping a front foot/hoof against the ground is a way of telling you or something else to get lost, go away.

“The stomping of foot is not a sign of aggression towards humans, although dogs and coyotes and other mid-sized critters should definitely stay out of the way because these animals ARE seen as an immediate threat.

“The stomping of a foot is one way for a deer to “test” what it is looking at. If a deer sees something that it is unsure of, the deer may stomp the ground just to get a response.”

Well, this fawn was looking at a woman from the neighborhood who stopped to watch the deer feed. No one was spooked, until a man came down the street walking a barky dog with a kid on a bike. THEN the fawn ran into the woods, followed by mom.

Lucky and I continued our walk marveling at our unexpected encounter.

2 thoughts on “Stompin’ Deer

    1. No idea if Sartenada is your first or last name? Finland! Wow you are many miles and time zones away from us. I looked at your Reindeer3 post. I have only seen those occasionally at a Christmas display, never in the wild. We have been in a bison/buffalo road block in South Dakota. Also sheep in Ireland. Going to Colorado soon. Will let you know via my posts if I see any animal road blocks there! Thank you for your interest in my blog. Did you carve the bear head on your blog?


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