Lucky’s Story

I had a request from one of Mike Powell’s young friends to see the dog. Namaste to you, too, Benjamin! Is Gem your grandmother? My grandkids call me Grammy or Gigi.

I posted about the little beagle on June 27, June 29 and July 3. There are some photos on those days. She is settling in to our lives with sweetness.

We have named her Lucky. Sitting here on our sofa I think she looks like a regal princess. She ran to the door today when a salesman came. Ever since she ran away once we have been careful to guard the door and control her. She got past Bob, but was only going out to greet the man. That was amazing as she ran away that one day and we were really scared that she might not know WHERE her new home was. Also amazing because she is usually timid around strangers! We got her right back into the house.

She loves to look out the front door at the people walking dogs, children riding bicycles, and cars going past.

Every night she sleeps in her crate in our bedroom. Last night was the first night that was cool enough to sleep with the widows open. She must have heard raccoons or some other animal outside. At 1:45 AM she barked until we woke up. Ugh! I was so sleepy. I closed the front door and covered the top of her crate with a blanket. She went right back to sleep.

I keep taking her for car rides. She does not like it much yet. This was the first time she put her head out the window to sniff. When we got to the dog park she had lots of fun!

She knows not to beg at dinner time. She does love to lick an empty plate if there is a little gravy or something tasty on it! Her favorite treat is a piece of hot dog. We often stuff a hollow bone with a little hot dog, piece of Milk Bone and peanut butter. Peanut butter is also a favorite! Benjamin, do you like peanut butter?

Here she is exploring the edge of a corn field. Mr. Mike wanted to see how tall the corn was here. Sometimes beagles are called “a nose on legs.” She loves to sniff trails where rabbits, deer or coyote’s have traveled. Squirrels are fairly exciting, too!

She is a nice little bundle of 20 pounds. People think she is a puppy, but she is actually 4 years old. I hope you have enjoyed seeing Lucky and getting to know her a bit better!

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  1. Thanks, Molly, for the mention. I can’t get enough of Lucky and really enjoyed your photos and stories of your adventures together. I do not have a dog at the moment and the two dogs that I used to dogsit have now moved across the county, so I welcome the sight of a dog. Actually, I would welcome a chance to hug a dog right now, and occasionally will do so with dogs in my neighborhood these days if the leash is long enough. Benjamin is an energetic and curious young man who has been following my blog along with his grandmother for about two years. He used to pass on his comments through his grandmother, but is now, as you have seen, able to type them in himself.

  2. Hello! I have become known as Gem to many ever since Benjamin gave me the name when he was about 2 & 1/2 years old. Benjamin is my only Grandchild and I have been so blessed as he has enriched my life beyond measure and words. In his 6 & 1/2 years of life the longest time that he was unable to be here with me was from early this March until June due to Covid-19’s interrupting his parent’s work schedules. Over the years, I have introduced Benjamin to many blogs that I follow that are appropriate and of interest to him. Mr. Mike is one of them and together we have enjoyed his blog, learning from it as well. We missed this post today as we were busily engaged in making watercolor paintings. I will definitely save it for Benjamin when he returns on Monday. He will be ecstatic that you have fulfilled his request and also to meet Lucky! Benjamin now types his own comments, with assistance from me with spelling and punctuation…this makes learning fun! Benjamin (if you will forgive my bragging) is wise beyond his years, inquisitive and a lover of nature. Thank-you for this delightful post and expect to hear from Benjamin next week!

  3. Namaste, Miss Molly! Lucky is a lucky dog to live with you. You are lucky too. Lucky is a beautiful dog. I like the photo with the corn plants and Lucky sniffing the grass. She looks kind of like my Uncle Stuffin Green’s dog. Minell is a Puggle. Do you know that is a pug dog and a beagle dog put together? I love hot dogs when they are grilled and I love Jif Whips Peanut Butter with pieces of apple. Gem has lots of squirrels, chipmunks, birds and a little bunny in her backyard. Everyday we feed them special seeds and peanuts in the shells that are safe for them. Then I sit in the sink and we watch them from the kitchen window. It is fun! I did this since I was really little and now when I’m big. Thank you for this letter about Lucky. Bye!

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