Riding Around

And remembered seeing this once before, but could not place it.

Can you guess what it is?

Lovely, but what is it?

Red clover, used by farmers to fix or replenish nitrogen in the soil! And it is pretty, too! Then I remembered, we saw this on our trip around the country last year. Here is more information about the uses for red clover https://gardenandhappy.com/red-clover-plant-one-of-the-most-beneficial-nitrogen-depositors-ever/

Keep your eyes peeled for those Treasures in Plain Sght!

2 thoughts on “Riding Around

  1. That looks like mustard weed and Dad made us pull it out of the fields. Red clover looks totally different.

  2. Oh,, I realize that you were looking behind the mustard, and red clover makes great hay for the cows.

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