Mywildflowers.com says I was looking at: Golden Ragwort! Goodness that website is MUCH faster than looking through my flower books 🙂

Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower) Height: 1 to 2 ft.Blooms: April to July Leaf Type: toothed Bloom Size:  0.75 in. (typical)Flower Description: Flat or rounded clusters, Regular blooms, 10 or more parts

I want Canada Violets in my yard to grow with my purple Wild Violets which I DO NOT consider to be a broad leaf weed, thank you very much!

Yep, that flower is overexposed. Still learning!!

I must admit I did not know to look under the petals to see if there was green there. I believe this is called Star of Bethlehem. I like the One the star pointed to!

I think this was a tree swallow, though there was a barn nearby! (Giggle, do barn swallows need to live near or within a barn?!?)

2 thoughts on “Wildflowers

  1. I have Star of Bethlehem in my flowerbed that I dug in the wild. Had forgotten the name. Thank you. I now have a plant ID app downloaded upon your and daughter’s recommendations.


  2. I too love to watch swallows fly. Usually I will just put down my camera, because I have found that it is almost impossible to photograph swallows in flight. Most of the time that I see Tree Swallows, they are using a nesting box. Only rarely do I see a tree swallow in a tree and I have never seen a barn swallow anywhere near a barn. 🙂


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