Our Yard

This is my only primrose. It reminds me of the time we went to London. It was late winter, very early spring. The flower boxes were packed with colorful primroses.

Then there are the grape hyacinths. They spread like crazy. When my kids were little we would pick bouquets to take to the neighbor ladies. In our new neighborhood, some folks have them planted throughout their yards. They make me smile. Ours are planted on the hillside and spreading, much to my delight.

The sweet viburnum shrub is about to burst. They are so fragrant that if I leave my office window open when they are blooming, I can smell them inside!

A friend of mine recently sent a photo of lilacs that she had quilled. When I took this photo the lilac in our yard was tightly closed.

Yesterday there was one tiny flower open. I have not yet looked today! The yellow flowers in the background are forsythia.

And the sweet bleeding hearts! Remind me of years ago (2011) when the Grandgirls came to play. I turned them loose to do whatever they wanted with flowers in the yard. Seeds of some sort in one bucket, (perhaps dandelion?) and blossoms from the Bleeding Heart in the other!

Lilacs have never had it so good as in the hands of a young’n!

They do not come over to play any more! But they are willing to do our grocery shopping and delivery.

Stay Well!

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