Complaining About The Heat?

With only one or two days of typical heat and humidity, it seems we are all complaining about the weather in Ohio. I came across this poem I wrote April 9, 2018. Perhaps it might refresh your spirit?

Each twig is crusted with snow this April morning

The junco never looked so lovely

Jumping from branch to branch he blends

With grays and whites of early spring

That looks more like winter

The white hyacinths in full head of flower

Are also topped with a snow cap

It is a wonder their stems can hold such a load

The more sensible daffodils

Just bow and then rise with the thaw

Birds changing branches cause snow loads to

Plop to the ground

The birds are often unseen

Discerned only by lumps of falling snow

As temperature rises there are more plops than visits

The people generally complain

About the hold winter seems to have upon us

But I find the snow preferable to

Long rainy days of cold and wind

Nothing else paints a landscape quite so lovely

Soon I will be transported

By airplane and car to the height of summer

Days in the 80s and 90s

Sun, sand, shells and warm breezes

This morning I say good bye to winter

With a nod to her majestic painting

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