Bryce National Park #2

Yep, by far my favorite. Would love to go back some day and stay in a lodge or nearby accommodations!

Look for the animal tracks in the snow!

Goats? Mountain cats? Bear? I will never know but I delighted to see the tracks 😉

When we traveled in Alaska in early spring we learned that willows are one of the things that bud out first. Well, that makes sense as that is true at home in Ohio, too. See the willow buds in this vista foreground?

A rugged place to grow. Did it burn?
Who lives in there? Goblins? Mountain folk?
See the hoodoo face on the top right?

I called these cantaloupe rocks. Sandia Mountain in Albuquerque means watermelon. These are just lovely ripe cantaloupe!

5:45 PM and still almost 2 hours to the motel. Time to get a move on, amazed tourists!

God created such amazing things and we felt privileged to have seen them with our own eyes. What a day!

“We acclaim you, holy Lord, glorious in power. Your mighty
works reveal your wisdom and love. You formed us in your
own image, giving the whole world into our care, so that, in
obedience to you, our Creator, we might rule and serve all
your creatures. When our disobedience took us far from you,
you did not abandon us to the power of death. In your mercy
you came to our help, so that in seeking you we might find
you. Again and again you called us into covenant with you,
and through the prophets you taught us to hope for salvation.

Book of Common Prayer

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