Fort Collins, Colorado

We had a free morning and decided to take a short drive that our friend Betty had suggested. We were not disappointed! The Poudre River Canyon was cold but lovely. There had been a couple of inches of snow the night before, so everything was crusted with white.

The cold morning was gray and the higher the car climbed the thicker the snow became.

And there it was! One of my favorite photos of the month long journey!

I don’t always realize what will be my favorite until the adventure ends. Here it is!

Thank you Betty for the heads up! As the day went along it warmed up, snow melted and the majesty was as if it had never happened.

One thought on “Fort Collins, Colorado

  1. It was an almost surreal morning. No one else on the road, a world of black and white, and so beautiful. One of my favorite adventures on the trip.


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