My Dear 56 Followers,

You might have stopped expecting posts from me by now.. We were traveling for one month, by car, on the belated retirement road trip and I did not post much. In fact, I did not write much either! Barely took notes.

Seven thousand miles with my husband in the car and I pretty much went brain dead as far as my disciplines. Reading maps, keeping our sense of direction, making and canceling hotel reservations, those I can do! But oh, the things we saw and experienced! You might have seen the posts about the graffiti artists in Kansa City? Decorating a western fence, and expedition dog? After that we headed further into the western states.

I hope to chronicle our experiences, photos and insights in the next few weeks or so. I think the mail, laundry and groceries are caught up. Though the checkbook has NOT been balanced and none of the appointments I need have been set up! We have spent some time with both adult children and the three grandkids. Made it back to our church home, too.

So here are a few pictures to whet your appetite to perhaps continue following me? Oy! Can’t do that until I download them from my iPhone. So much to catch up on!


Guess who!

And two of so many ways to see the world!

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