Graffiti as Art

If you are fortunate enough to visit Kansas City, you might get to see these artists at work. This first guy has on slacks that mimic a cinder block wall in black with brown mortar. Notice the design on his back pocket!

The weather was lovely. The paint fumes were thick. Some artists wore masks. Girls gathered in front of the wall as background of their beauty shots. The colors were amazing. There were a few working from sketches, but most of the work seemed to be random creations. The music was constant and some guys wore earphones for their own tunes.

And HOW funny is his wardrobe selection? Sherwin Williams; they have the logo “cover the earth”
Pose for your beauty shot!

Amazing stuff. I could not tell you anything that was said in the words in the paint, but the colors and designs were fun.

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  1. Many years ago I used to order my Birkenstocks from here and there catalog (4 pages) would include some of the paintings on the walls.

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