My Group of Praying Friends

I have been honored to participate with a group of praying women – regularly – since November, 2016. We have formed bonds by travailing together in prayer for our church staff, elders, ministry team leaders and missionaries. The list of our prayer topics used to fit on a 3 x 5 card. Then both sides, then a 4 x 6 card both sides and now is printed on much larger paper with a longer list. We take turns each week doing the group leadership. We write an outline based on “Prayer Portions” by Sylvia Gunter (used with permission) or create on our own from Scripture. We have sections on Praise, Thanksgiving, Personal Confession, and Intercession.

I do not think any of us understood the impact this discipline would have upon us individually or corporately when we began in 2016. There is a core group of seven women. Not everyone can attend every week. Sometimes we have to cancel for inclement weather or when many activities involve church members on that night ( like kids Drama Camp practice).

When my husband and I traveled to a museum in Oklahoma he found this tile which so expresses our group for me.

We have learned so much together about spiritual strength and how to lay down self interests. Within the group we have learned to grow in holiness and purpose. We seek to encourage one another as well as those we pray for. In our weekly meetings and through texting, emails and phone calls we share life together. This long standing group has required that we each learn true humility, genuine concern for one another, and commitment to the work of being intercessors.

These women are friends that I value so much …. words fail me. We continue to pray for the unity of the Holy Spirit among us. May the Lord bless our efforts to His glory.

2 thoughts on “My Group of Praying Friends

  1. I, Molly, so well stated! One of the ladies was so encouraging last week about our group, who we are, what we do, and remaining faithful. Your words and hers spur me on to continue this good work God has started in us. Thank you.


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