Gloomy Day Treasure

For Christmas our daughter and Granddaughter gave us a sunflower disk made of compressed bird seed. We took down the regular feeder outside our kitchen window and put it up. It took several days for the wary birds to trust it as a genuine feeding item.

Then the feasting began. One morning while getting some coffee I noticed a bird that does not often come to our feeder. He is prone to totally freeze in place or fly off at the slightest thing that might startle him. He especially does not like the red-bellied woodpecker. Otherwise, he will feed with other birds in relative calm. As I watched he explored the sunflower and then I went to grab my iPhone. He stretched to his full length, and in the gloom of this winter day I captured the best photo ever!

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker with his belly shining bright! Black capped Chickadee on lower edge of flower.

I remember as a child hearing some actor in a movie who was wearing binoculars about his neck get all excited about this bird with the weird name. This photo was hard to capture, and not the best quality, but for me, a TRIUMPH!! I could finally show Bob why it has that funny name.

Keep watching for those treasures in plain sight!!

One thought on “Gloomy Day Treasure

  1. What a cool shot of a bird that I personally have seen only a few times. I love the way that this bird helps to support the premise of your blog’s title that there are indeed treasures to be found in plain sight.


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