Been Busy

I am married to Mr. Tidy. He knows I call him that. We are not quite alike in this matter, though he has trained me fairly well over 48 years!

So the Christmas tree come down December 25 as we were finished with the family celebration. And the mantle decorations changed to winter instead of Christmas. Table is being changed over, also.

Why all the rush? Well January 3 Bob is being admitted for a scheduled surgical procedure. The critical illness of January 4, 2018 left him with damage to one of the heart nodes that regulate heartbeat. His pulse is often 38 whereas mine can run 100. Normal is 60-100 beats per minute.

This is basically the same way the doctor showed the pacemaker to us in his office. Bob will be admitted after the procedure for overnight monitoring. They want to be certain that everything is regulated properly.

Everyone assures us it is a simple procedure. That sounds fine until it is your heart (or the heart of a loved one) they are talking about! Bob is looking forward to warmer hands and feet, more energy, less dizziness, fewer headaches, and overall feeling better.

More energy?! Not certain how I will keep up with him then!! He is scheduled to return home January 4. We are hoping this is the end to the illness that nearly killed him January 4, 2018. May the year 2019 be much healthier and calmer. Lord, hear our prayer!

3 thoughts on “Been Busy

  1. So be it! I am so ready for a new year. Just really starting to realize how hard 2018 has been for you and me and others who have helped.


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