Presents in Contrast to Presence

The first year we were married I was so excited to give Bob his Christmas gifts. I hoped to surprise him. He sat with each gift, examined it, and proceeded to guess each one before he opened it. I was so disappointed!

Many years later his sister came to visit us in Ohio from California around Christmas time. She had taken a Southwest flight into Indianapolis. The day she was due to fly out Bob was working and the kids were in school. I drove her back to Indianapolis. Our house was already decorated and the gifts were under the tree. When I returned from the airport, Bob was home from work. He ran out to the driveway and declared, “I felt your presents!”

I was instantly angry. It took a moment for Bob to realize that I heard him say “Presents” and he meant “Presence.” He was apologizing profusely.

He does not guess what is in his gifts any more. If he does, he does not say it out loud!

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