One Christmas

Christmas time was upon us and Emily, at 3-1/2 years, was fueled by excitement. We had recently purchased a plastic creche set which she was allowed to play with. Both Boba nd I had explained to her the true meaning of Christmas, and she was enchanted by Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus. Perhaps the baby Jesus was so fascinating because she had a baby in her life, too, in the form of her younger brother, 5 month old Jeffrey.  In keeping with the family tradition of new clothes for Christmas we had purchased something entirely new for Emily, her own. purse! As Christmas Eve approached I tried to teach her that her purse was for tissues, her offering, and things she might need while away from home.

It seemed a feat of circus proportions getting our family ready for church service that evening, Jeffrey, bundled against the winter weather, was none too happy to be overheating as I grabbed my coat and Bob got Emily into the back seat of the car. I finally drew a deep breath as Bob drove us to church. I reminded Emily that we were going to church to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. She thought that was  great idea!

We placed Jeffrey in the nursery where he could make as much noise as he wanted. the service was refreshing after all the turmoil of getting there intact and on time. As the congregation began to sing “Silent Night” I noticed Emily fumbling with her purse. I asked what she had in her hand, fearful it would be some loud toy or worse yet, something gooey. SHe open her palm to show me the plastic baby Jesus in His manger bed. She looked up at me with dark brown eyes glistening and said, “I thought He ought to come.

 “I thought He ought to come.

               Just imagine that tiny hand opening!

No creche will ever be the same for me. She understood the message about Christmas! And even in the excitement of a new purse, she brought Jesus to church for His birthday. Thank you Emily for a wonderful memory!

3 thoughts on “One Christmas

  1. That is such a sweet story! Audrey was singing O come let us adore Him. I asked her what that meant. She said we go to see Him.
    I asked her how she would feel. She answered like He is so cute.


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