Twinkle Lights

When I was a child, to me, the twinkle lights on the Christmas tree were just wonderful! I don’t mean garish flashing entire strands. These were soft white lights that would turn off and on randomly, thus the twinkling effect. 

Several years ago after Thanksgiving dinner at our daughter’s house, we took the Grandgirls with us to Target for my husband’s first experience of Pre-Black Friday shopping. Low and behold they were selling twinkle lights! I already had one strand to put on our tree, but I thought a new strand would look lovely around the sliding glass door.

So we stood in the miles long line to purchase those and one or two other things. The next day our youngest Grandgirl helped me hang them around the door. I gave her the honor of plugging them in. Will never forget her comment, which Bob and I still repeat with giggles,

“Are they supposed to twitch like that?” 

Obviously the magic was lost on her. Love that girl and her original thinking! 😉 

2 thoughts on “Twinkle Lights

  1. That sounds like our youngest granddaughter, Leah. We were talking about the Golden Rule and she interrupted and said she knew what it was… “Do unto others before they do unto you.”


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