Wow at the Museum!

I have never seen anything like this! We visited the Cincinnati Art museum to see this prayer mandala created by the Tibetan monks.



It was absolutely stunning. Made entirely using colored sand. The monks lay down the layers with hollow tubes and a tool that vibrates the sand into the tiny stunning pattern above.

I found a video of a similar mandala at You tube. Not exactly the same design, but it has a close up that shows how they vibrate the sand out of the tube. We did not see the opening or closing ceremonies. If they come to a museum near you, be certain to go see their creation. They sweep up the sand when finished to represent the impermanence of life.


If you are ever able to see one of these creations all I can say is GO!





3 thoughts on “Wow at the Museum!

  1. I have no words to convey my feelings of awe! How is that transported to museums? And how long does it take them to create that masterpiece? Thank you for sharing this.

  2. They do not transport it. They create it anew each time! Then sweep it up and throw it away as a reminder that life is impermanent here on earth!

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