We were traveling!

That is why I have not posted lately. But oh, the sights we saw! One of my favorites was the synchronized diving white pelican, but I cannot post the video. Absolutely cracked me up one of our last days on the road when we stopped for lunch in Granite Falls. I also had no idea there were pelicans in a fresh water river. I had only seen them at the ocean.


So here are these big birds, with really big feet, sitting around. Then they start to swim together and all at once they dive together!



Bottoms up, boys!!

2 thoughts on “We were traveling!

  1. Nice pictures. They have the white pelicans in Fort Collins so it’s fun to see them there. Glad you’re home safe. We got home last night from our week with the girls and two dogs. We had a Care Net Walk for Life this morning so we had to get up early for that, but we’re home and, except for church tomorrow, we can rest. We’re beat.


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