Missing Something?

I usually read on my Amazon Fire until I fall asleep at night. Beats insomnia! Lately my husband has complained that I often drop my Fire on him when I fall asleep. Now I am trying to be more careful to tuck it away as I fall asleep.

Last week I was alone on a private silent retreat. I often had trouble finding it the next day when I decided to recharge it. NOT a treasure in PLAIN sight!

Do you remember the tooth fairy? You got it! If my Fire is missing I am learning to go look under my pillow.


THERE IT IS!! My man has me trained! Guess this old dog CAN learn new tricks. We joke saying after almost 48 years of marriage saying, “ It is to late to train a new one!”

So if you are missing something, always look under your pillow. You never know! It might be right there 😉

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