Moon Flowers

Bob tells me that unless you click on the blog within the email you cannot see the photos! Hope you did that with yesterday’s photos and humor? Seriously do it today to see moon flower photos.

While at the Convent I have enjoyed the moon flowers in bloom. I have not noted the fragrance that some websites speak about, but I have been indoors in the evening. There was a full moon during my stay. One evening I rolled over in bed and was literally hit in the eye by a moon beam!

Praising the One who makes moon and stars, trees and moon flowers!

UnfurlingVisitor!“Drop Thy still dews of quietness until our strivings cease; Take from our souls the strain and stress and let our ordered lives confess the beauty of Thy peace.”

Look at that seed!

No photo editing! Just great light 😉

2 thoughts on “Moon Flowers

  1. I do love moon flowers! I have had some success in growing them but not every time. Perhaps next year I’ll try again. Gorgeous pics! Thank you


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