Then the Colored Rocks Began!

The first time I was in New Mexico to visit Betty and Dan I was fascinated that the gravel along the sides of the road were various colors; green, red, and such. I am certain they thought (or knew) I was nuts because I insisted on collecting some to take back to my garden. And they stopped the car and I did take some back!

After many trips to that area I am still amazed at the variety of colors in rocks. God did not have to do that! He could have just made them all brown or gray and still have the various densities, varieties  and multiple kinds of  formation. But I think there are areas where the creativity of the Creator just glows. Rocks are one of those places for me.

Do you see the upside down heart?

Who took the white crayon to the red rock and the black to the brown one? Green upon white and it is not vegetation. Those are not sand piles, but solid rock at the base of the cliffs. And cantaloupe colored rocks! Stripes (after Cincinnati gray fossils) are awesome!

Just amazing!