Good coaching by Word Press!

So I spoke with Shannon at Word Press and she taught me how to publish my videos on the blog through You Tube (or other sites). Yippee!

So here is my best video of what it is like to be surrounded by thousands (and the official count that day by the bird counters was a record breaking 650,000) of Sandhill Cranes during the spring migration in Nebraska! They glean the fields during the day time eating last year’s dropped corn from the autumn harvest. Perhaps the red truck will give you some perspective and the traffic sounds in the background the clear idea that no, we were not out in the wilderness.

I am delighted to finally figure out how to post my videos without spending more money for this site ;-D

My Dear 56 Followers,

You might have stopped expecting posts from me by now.. We were traveling for one month, by car, on the belated retirement road trip and I did not post much. In fact, I did not write much either! Barely took notes.

Seven thousand miles with my husband in the car and I pretty much went brain dead as far as my disciplines. Reading maps, keeping our sense of direction, making and canceling hotel reservations, those I can do! But oh, the things we saw and experienced! You might have seen the posts about the graffiti artists in Kansa City? Decorating a western fence, and expedition dog? After that we headed further into the western states.

I hope to chronicle our experiences, photos and insights in the next few weeks or so. I think the mail, laundry and groceries are caught up. Though the checkbook has NOT been balanced and none of the appointments I need have been set up! We have spent some time with both adult children and the three grandkids. Made it back to our church home, too.

So here are a few pictures to whet your appetite to perhaps continue following me? Oy! Can’t do that until I download them from my iPhone. So much to catch up on!


Guess who!

And two of so many ways to see the world!

Expedition Dog

Did you know that Lewis and Clark had a dog on their expedition? Seaman was the Newfoundland breed that accompanied them. He was purchased for $20 just before they departed Pittsburgh.

He is remembered in this statue in St. Louis on the Mississippi riverbank. I took the photo on a gray day. The river was so high the stairs were closed and waves from the passing tug boats and barges were splashing up!


No, I did not spell that wrong! Not Gotham where Batman resides, but Gothenburg, Nebraska. It held a nice little surprise for us.

If you have to leave the spectacle of 500,000 birds you might as well find something interesting on the road to the higher mountains!

And of course, attempt a selfie with the pony express cut out!
The building was not open the morning we were there, but the on-line library of photos provided this for me.

The medalion reads St. Joseph to Sacramento. Quite a ride!

Aren’t you glad about now that you have on-line reading and wifi instead of horseback delivery of messages, newspapers and mail?