Things I Experienced Recently

When we travel I usually see things I have never seen before. Sadly America has been franchised to where the little usual shops and restaurants have largely disappeared. There are still things that amuse me though.

At the airport we saw eleven Amazon Prime airplanes. Upon our return we saw a large fleet of Amazon vans parked in a storage area and one making a delivery in our neighborhood. Some folks say Amazon wants to take over the world. I suppose as part of that effort, they are taking over their delivery services, too.

Did you know that the Ace Hardware store in Hyannis, Massachusetts has clamming gear? Without checking, I would bet the Ace Hardware in Montgomery, Ohio does not carry clamming gear!

It is said the Mica schist on Mt Washington is over 100 million years  old. Maybe it should be called really old mountain instead?

We traveled in and out of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire all within about 2 hours. Granted we were along the borders of some of those states. Yes, the travel distances in the Eastern States are so much different than Ohio, Texas, California, etc.

Barley house Restaurant, Chicken pot pie, perfect supper for traveler!

Kencamagus and Pemigewasset, just two examples of spelling and language challenges in New Hampshire! Perhaps I am just much more familiar with Akron, Cuyahoga, Miami, Olentangy, Ohio and Wapakoneta. My bad.

When we drove through Colorado it was not unusual to hit an elevation of 11,000 feet. In New Hampshire they were quite proud of their Lake of the Clouds that is at an elevation of 5,050 feet. Turns out there are several places in the USA names Lake of the Clouds. As I have never been a true hiker, it is unlikely I will visit those lakes. I live at an elevation of about 705 feet.

Author: Molly Lin Dutina

Now passed 48 years as wife to Bob! Still deeply loving that man!! He is often responsible for the photos I post.

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